Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reaching Higher for Green Cred

The water crisis sounds like another media creation, like Y2K. But Y2K was only solved after the hype scared businesses into looking at the situation. They managed to fix most glitches and were prepared for the date change. But the specter remained. And the media loves a good specter. And so the hype lived on until New Year’s Day, 2000.

Can business also solve the water crisis before it goes too far? That remains to be seen, but like Y2K, the clock is ticking.

In the U.S. we use water for everything from drinking and farming to washing vehicles and watering lawns. At the same time, costs for utilities are going up and everyone from homeowners to major conglomerates would like to spend less on it. But it’s tough to break bad habits.

Low-hanging Fruit
Much of the low-hanging fruit is gone. We have the low-flow fixtures in place. Even retail spaces like business offices have gotten a handle on it due to a mix of fighting for LEED certification and trying to save cash. Reclaimed water for landscaping maintenance? It’s being carefully drip-irrigated outside your window right now.

Reach Higher
So that leaves us with the fruit that isn’t low-hanging. Rainwater capture could be interesting. It works well for Bermuda, where all the roofs are designed to catch and contain rainwater for home use. Water flow as well as water treatment issues would need to be addressed. Get some ideas with these classes:

These can be used to filter out pollutants before water hits a wetland or groundwater table. Wetlands are an important defense against a storm surge and are often regarded by local governments as protected areas. Groundwater, of course, leads to aquifers and other bodies of water where the majority of our drinking water comes from. Polluting either can result in fines, not to mention bad karma. Check out these classes for a little help:

Drinking Water
Sure, you have that little filter on the sink for your water, but wouldn’t it be nice to skip that? Or to be able to stop buying those jugs of water at the supermarket? Learn what’s up with RedVector drinking water classes:

Clean water is something we take for granted right up until we don’t have it. We know that municipalities are on the lookout for polluters and hefty fines can be incurred through mistakes of omission. Keep an eye out for mistakes with training from RedVector.

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